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“Consultancy services to provide guidance, reach problem resolutions and bring outstanding knowledge for long-term results”


We offer consultancy services to fulfill precise and particular demands and help to find solutions to specific projects and issues in a way that the consultants, with their specialist expertise will decide within the options and present different alternatives, based on the project needs, resources and information to comply with the specifications and regulations.


Property appraisals


Whether you are looking to invest in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany or France we can provide you with professional expertise offering full examination of the property with the ultimate aim of calculating what it will cost to refurbish at an acceptable standard and where opportunities lie. The underlying aim of such an appraisal is to ensure that the project, as a resource, is aligned with your objectives, so that you can obtain the right information to your property strategy in the right place at the right time. We can also assist you with location, local authorities and organizations.


Structural engineers


Our structural engineers are specialists in design, construction, repair, conversion and conservation. They are concerned with all aspects of a structure and its stability that will encompasses the installation or removal of floors, internal or external walls and ceilings including the removal or installation of timber or steel joists. By making these changes following the right calculations and expert reports you can alter the dimensions of rooms and spaces in your property, creating larger and more efficient living and working areas.


Energy assessment


We will always look for potential build-cost savings, providing you with energy assessments and reports. We can advise of any changes you must, or might want to consider incorporating new energy efficient features to accommodate your project, which will also improve the overall energy performance of your entire property. Evaluating and identifying opportunities, we will be able to assist you with information on energy efficiency loans, savings schemes and capital tax allowances.


Feasibility Studies


We will aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the project, the opportunities and threats present in the environment and the resources required to carry through to achieve the cost required and the value to be attained.


Providing a historical background, restrictions and site appraisal, we will evaluate the project’s potential for success.


Building control inspectors


Providing an alternative solution to local authority building control departments, we work in partnership with approved independent inspectors who will take care of the whole process. From sending the initial notice to the Local Authority (to stop their involvement) to carrying out a full Building Regulations plan check including aspects of fire safety, structure, drainage, access and energy efficiency.

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"Organic talents arrived quickly, gave me the options and quoted a price much less than I expected. Professional with excellent communications throughout" Phil Egerton – Malvern
"Professional, thorough in their work. Would certainly use them again" Nick Hughes – Richmond